Public Health Group

Stroke Research Program

International Clinical Center of St. Anne´s University Hospital Brno (FNUSA-ICRC)

The Public Health Group within the St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno is a multidisciplinary research team that deals with increasing health literacy. The primary focus is cerebro- and cardiovascular diseases and their risk factors incl. diabetes. We have extensive experience in the design and implementation of programs to raise awareness of prevention and reduce the burden of risk factors, including health promotion activities targeted on excluded population.

Our mission is to spread awareness about stroke and other civilization diseases and to verify the effectiveness of our activities.

The Public Health Group is part of the FNUSA-ICRC Stroke Research Program, which is engaged in research into the diagnosis and treatment of stroke and improving the quality of patient care.

Our expertise:
  • design and implementation of public health research in the area of ​​NCD (primary stroke)
  • implementation of long-term awareness campaigns
  • international cooperation
  • project management
  • health promotion through social media
  • production of educational videos, promotional and information materials
  • development of an e-learning educational program and extensive data collection
  • organization of awareness, preventive and educational events for seniors, adults and children
  • statistical analysis and data processing
  • publishing scientific results
  • lecturing on stroke, heart attack and primary prevention (also accredited courses)
  • experience with different target groups – children, seniors, patients, Roma population
Our team

Our team consists of experienced experts in various fields. It includes project coordinators, public health experts, researchers, IT developers and PR specialists. Learn more about individual members here.

Our integral part is also a group of student volunteers – Ambassadors – who help us with the implementation of preventive events.

The guarantor of the group is prof. Robert Mikulík, MD, PhD, Head of the Stroke Research Program, the world’s leading expert on stroke.

  • Saste Roma Project: a project focused on increasing health literacy and strengthening primary prevention in excluded localities (primarily the Roma population), through a whole range of offline and online tools
  • HOBIT Program: a flagship project that, through e-learning and an innovative simulation method, teaches students how to recognize and respond to stroke, heart attack and other serious diseases
  • HOBIT+ Project: the concept of the HOBIT program adjusted to an offline form suitable for seniors and U3A students; over 500 seniors were trained
  • V4 HOBIT Project: the HOBIT program implemented in V4 countries – Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, where 2500 children were successfully trained
  • FAST Heroes: a global project to educate the smallest children about the basics of stroke, thanks to which children can become FAST Heroes
  • Stroke Riskometer: a global mobile application that can assess stroke risk and recommend steps to successfully reduce it
  • Act FAST Challenge: a long-term campaign that teaches people to recognize the main symptom of a stroke in a fun way and using social media
  • FAST Run: a unique experience race for children, thanks to which they learn in practice how to save human life. Already implemented 4 times.
  • Various preventive events with one goal – to raise awareness about stroke and other disease and contribute to higher health literacy
Key results
  • The HOBIT e-learning program implemented within 4 countries
  • Over 15,000 trained students within the HOBIT e-learning program
  • National coordinator of global projects FAST Heroes and Stroke Riskometer
  • Over 60 (co-)organized preventive events
  • Production of a successful awareness music video about stroke
    • Publication of the Guidebook for stroke patients and their families
    • Auspice of the Czech Ministry of Education for the HOBIT program
    • Look closer also on our media outposts here.
    • Find out more about our scientific results here.
Our partners:
  • New York Columbia University Medical Center
  • of Health Promotion of the Maastrich University
  • Czech National Institute of Public Health
  • Department of Health of the city of Brno
  • Czech Stroke Society
  • Ergoaktiv, o.p.s. – neurorehabilitation
  • ARA Art – Roma non-profit organization
  • Faculty of Education of the Masaryk University Brno
  • More than 150 elementary schools across the Czech Republic

Public Health Group is a member of the expert Coalition against stroke.

Contact Person:

Hana Marsalkova
Leader of the Public Health Group

tel.: +420 734 355 410

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